Solar Installation in Austin, Texas

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Making Solar
Simple, Easy, and Clean

Here at Clean Choice Solar, we don't look at this as a one time sale, but rather as a long term partnership to help your sustainable energy mission.  We don't like to think like other solar companies where the only thing that matters is the bottom line.  We want to educate you on why solar energy is such an incredible and growing field and how it can really help you save money right away.  Whether it is reducing energy costs, preparing for the next winter storm, or enhancing your home's value, we've got you covered.  


Residential Solar Installation

Residential solar is the most common and easiest way for an individual to reduce their carbon footprint. Lucky for us, solar panels have finally reached a point where they are affordable for all homeowners.  We pride ourselves on the ability to help every Texan reach energy independence.  

Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar projects are essential to make a global impact on climate change and we love that Austin businesses are so passionate about making a difference.  We have a very capable team who are experienced in large commercial projects to ensure your business is well taken care of.  Talk to us about government incentives and our commercial packages.  


We Want to Help You Become Energy Independent

We are a local Austin company run by local Austin people.

We specialize in consulting on and installing solar PV systems on residential and commercial sites. We also help homeowners understand the inner workings of net metering with their local utility company and the federal and local incentives for installing a PV system.


Start your journey to energy independence today.