Solar Services


Solar Energy Consulting

The most important part of the sustainable energy mission is education.  We don't want to hook you with hollow promises on bottom line numbers and have you frustrated or regretful.  Our primary mission is to help you understand all options and figure out a catered plan just for you.  Whether you buy from us or not, we're just excited to talk to you about our passion.   


Residential Solar Installations

Being a homeowner considering solar is a great position to be in! Currently you still have the 26% federal tax credit and the $2,500 City of Austin rebate.  This helps residential solar installation become affordable for everyone.  Most Austin residents face a return on investment time period of only 6-8 years.


Commercial Solar Installation

We enjoy working on large projects because of the massive impact they have on our community.  For companies considering large scale solar, we have the data to prove drastic savings and quick ROI.  We can assure fair prices, high quality products, and the best support.  


Battery Installation

Battery installation is a very important part of having a solar PV system.  While not mandatory, we believe that it is the best way to optimize your system and have a grid failure resistant supply of energy.  If you have an electric vehicle and charge over night we strongly recommend having a battery connected to your system. 


Special Projects

Our favorite part of this business is when a customer shares our passion for solar and wants to try something new.  We try to take on all special projects from watercraft solar to RV solar and everything in between. Check out our social media for fun special projects that we have tackled in the past.  We also offer EV charging installation.


Save thousands by switching to solar energy.